Harvey Crown Non Electric Water Softener

Harvey Crown Non Electric Water Softener

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The Harvey Crown Non Electric Water Softener is one of our top budget range water softeners. With Twin Tanks, Block Salt cleaning and being Non Electric, this gives you some of the benefits a more expensive Water Softener would give you, but at a much lower price.

Meter Controlled Softener.
This Machine will only perform a regeneration based upon your water consumption, making it far more efficient than most other machines. Supplies the entire property with softened limescale free water.

Why buy the Harvey Crown Water Softener?
The Harvey's Crown Non Electric Twin Tank Block Salt Softener differs in a number of ways from the traditional single tank units. The most obvious difference is the two tanks.

So why are two tanks better than one?

Single tank softeners cannot supply soft water whilst performing a regeneration program. All softeners need to perform regeneration as they all have a limited amount of water that they can soften. Regeneration effectively cleanses the resin to allow it to continue to produce soft water. A single tank machine will perform this action normally in the early hours of the morning. The disadvantage of this is you have the possibility of the softener doing this either before it has used up its full capacity or worse still running out if you suddenly use more water than the machine thinks you will (sometimes you don't know when extra guests will turn up, so you can't expect a water softener to).

As the Twin Tank has two tanks it can regenerate at any time of day or night as only one tank at a time is in service. When it has reached its capacity, it performs a regeneration whilst the other tank continues to supply you with soft water.

The Harvey's Twin Tank Non Electric Block Salt Water Softener caries a full five year parts and labour warranty (valid on purchases made after May 2014) This, alongside our proven track record for producing highly reliable equipment, has established us as one of the UK's most popular water softener companies.


The water softener is manufactured in the UK and is therefore designed specifically for the UK market. And for our domestic water system it also means that we, unlike other companies, "wet test” the softeners before they leave the factory. So you can rest assured that the water softener works correctly with no leaks.

An EMWC Water Softener is very efficient in water use. It uses over 50% less water than a conventional water softener during regeneration.
Solvent free - food grade resin.

Every softener comes complete with simple fitting instructions, waste & overflow hoses and an option of a Full Installation kit, allowing for installation by a plumber or DIY enthusiast.


  • Harvey Crown Non Electric Water Softener
  • Full Installation Kit (15mm)
  • Fitting Instructions


  • Valve- Meter Controlled
  • Connections
  • Inlet/Outlet 3/4" Bsp male parralel
  • Overflow 1/2" Hose connector
  • Drain 3/8" O.D tubing

  • Max operating Pressure 8 bar (116 p.s.i )
  • Min Dynamic Operating Pressure 1 bar (14.5 p.s.i )
  • Max water temperature 30 degree C
  • Min water temperature Protect from freezing
  • BSI approved for use with aluminium heat exchange systems
  • Volume & Weight
  • Softener Resin volume 2x 4.3 litres
  • Resin Vessel Dimensions 140mm Diameter x 400mm high
  • Salt Storage capacity 2 x Block Salt


  • Depth 460mm - (17 inch approximately)
  • Height 490mm - (19 inch approximately)
  • Width 212mm - (8 1/2 inch approximately)

Please allow 20mm for the elbow connections on the side of the softener

  • Upto 508 Ltr Capacity per tank at 250ppm hardness
  • 350 grammes Salt used per regeneration
  • 65% Salt efficiency
  • 40 litres / min peak flow at 2 bar pressure drop
  • 30 litres / min Rated service flow at 1 bar pressure drop
  • 23 litres Water used per Regeneration
  • 1.9 1/ min Maximum flow rate to drain
  • 11 Minutes Maximum Regeneration Time
  • < 1mg per litre Softened water hardness
  • Pressurised Systems (Mega Flo) = 22mm Kit
  • Combination Boilers = Combi Kit
  • Standard Fittings (most Homes = 15 mm Kit